Our History

The VIU legacy begins in 1992 when a tragedy led to a great leap forward in worker safety. That year a worker for Michael (Mick) Lange, the inventor of Sky Pro® technology, died from a fall while manually cleaning windows on a building. Mick decided that he needed to invent an automated system that would reduce worker fatalities and still provide building owners with clean windows. Mick spent years perfecting his automated technology.


In July of 2015, under new management, Sky Pro® changed its name to VIU Global to reflect its focus on advanced technology and commitment to worldwide deployment.

Our mission is to have an enormous positive impact on people’s lives within the communities we serve.

We Believe

  • People are the greatest potential resource on the planet.
  • The biggest outcomes happen when trust, accountability and honest collaboration manifest into diverse teams having the highest degree of enthusiasm, belief in new possibilities, and commitment to positive action.

We Are Committed To

  • Leading productive change.
  • Unlocking human potential.
“Innovation and worker safety is the bedrock of Mick Lange’s legacy and it is found in everything we do here at VIU Global. We will continue to build on that legacy with a focus on superior customer satisfaction, as we move into markets worldwide.”
Jamie Fragola | CEO, VIU Global