VIU utilizes automated cleaning technology to transform the way buildings are cleaned. Machines can be remotely controlled and operated safely from the roof and the ground.

Cleaning Ability

Machine configurations with patented brush and spray technology are available to clean a variety of building types and façade surfaces.


VIU collaborates with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure the safety of machines and workers. Our engineers and partners share a commitment to the creation and further development of an environment that meets and even exceeds the highest safety standards and regulations.

The Science of Pure Water

Not all water is created equal. VIU use the science of deionization to turn typical tap water into super-pure water to ensure a streak-free clean. Water can naturally contain large amounts of ions from the ground or from the pipes that carry the water. Deionization is a chemical process that uses ion-exchange resins to remove almost 100% of all elements other than hydrogen and oxygen. Traditional window cleaning typically uses eco-unfriendly chemical solutions that are mixed with tap water. These harsh chemicals are used because they are needed to ensure a streak-free clean. VIU doesn’t require any chemicals for a streak-free clean.